A Center For International Research

We provide independent opinion research about both GCC & American politics, policy issues and the forecasting the future; by measuring long-term trends in political values and public policy priorities, as well as conducting timely and topical polling on the issues of the day. Also, provide Political writers a public podium and help publish their work Annually.

The Dubai Strategic Institute (DSI) is an independent, international and Online not-for-profit think tank dedicated to research, republishing and building resilience to promote peace, security, strategic planning, judicial progress, law and sustainable development.

To achieve its purpose, DSI employs a mix of policy research, strategic analysis, publishing, and Seminars. With ability to contribute from anywhere in the world and to contribute to a broad range of academic fields, Business, Law, Science and Technology, DSI is planning to open a office in Dubai, London and New York.

Key topics:

  • Political values, partisanship and polarization.
  • Elections, campaigns and political engagement.
  • Views of government, elected officials and parties.
  • GCC economy / U.S. economy
  • GCC domestic policy issues / U.S. domestic policy issues
  • GCC foreign policy / EU foreign policy / U.S. foreign policy.
  • Political knowledge and interest / Religious affiliation.
  • Politics, Law and Criminal practices in the U.S. / GCC / E.U / Latin America.
  • Changes in the global religious – Socio-Economic landscapes.
  • Government, Science and Technology.

Join our team if you are passionate about improving publishing and research. DSI is uniquely positioned to make a lasting impact; through our rigorous research and national network of leading volunteer faculty and highly educated contributors. By working with us, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the future of the world.