They Are Killing Emiratization?

To dazed the “structural division in the labor market in the UAE”,  Government threw the Emiratization (Tawteen in Arabic) crusade which dictates the enclosure of Emiratis in the job market, predominantly in the private sector.

“Emiratization aims to increase the number of Emiratis in the job market and their contribution to the economy. Emiratization will promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation. It will lead to substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.”


Quota and incentives

Ministerial Orders 4142 and 43 of 2005 impose on private sector employers a quota system, whereby every company with more than 100 employees is obliged to recruit (and retain on the payroll) the stipulated number of UAE nationals to ensure the minimum percentage of participation of Emiratis in the workforce.
How the “EXPAT-MAFIA” control such Ministerial Orders!!

Companies with lower grading are required to file mandatory financial guarantees, the amount of which will depend on the category of the employer (as set out in the relevant Order).


“war on locals”

Therefore, this is not that complex for a what is known as the “Bank-Mafia,” they do the following:

A. Hire local HR recruiters with temporary position (highly paid); to hire a vast number of Emirati un-employed citizens.

B. Recruit other HR recruiters, whom either are or have:

· From their same ethic, religious, ideologically from with the same ethno-socio-background.

· Initiate harassment after Months: November-December.

Varies from company to another as their reporting might be on dates that are diffrent!?

The Progress occurs in unusual ways and methods. As Expats become scared for their jobs, this war on locals begins because there is a psychological, socio-economic, and unethical—hidden—expat-resentments.

It escalated with Emiratization enforcement orders becomes increasingly tight; with furious UAE unemployed citizens. Thus, as more and locals come to join the workforce proving their eligibility and powerful educational background as the main force behind their success.
Harassment becomes the only trick “Bank Mafia’s” in HAT.